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PRUVOST CASSAM CHENAÏ is a tax law firm whose activity is specialized in tax law.

Our tax lawyers can advise you on all tax issues : corporate taxation, personal taxation, real estate taxation, international taxation…

Our high-level tax expertise and our specialized activity in tax law provide our advice with high added value.

The firm’s tax attorneys work throughout France and internationally.

We advice companies and individuals on all tax issues

The firm intervenes with businesses and individuals in the field of tax advice and optimization with tailor-made support and comprehensive tax services. Our tax lawyers work on all aspects of taxation and work daily on the most complex issues.

Tax advice

Profits made abroad by companies

Profits made by foreign companies

Taxation of real estate investments

Regularization of assets held abroad

Income of non-residents

Tax litigation

Tax verification of companies

Tax verification of individuals

Procedures with the tax administration

Response to tax administration

Tax refund…